Sunset has a number of rooms for rent. Each room accommodates a different number of people and is priced accordingly.

Here is a quick look at some of the rooms we have to offer at our beautiful facility. All rooms in our centre are easily accessible and well lit by natural lighting. Whether it’s for a business meeting, family get together or private gym time, we have the perfect space to accommodate you!

Please email or call 604-718-8269 for all inquires and requests.


Room Capacity Dimension (approx.) Square Footage Regular Hourly Rate
Craft Room 30 28×18 504 $45.00
Multipurpose Room 40 26×25 650 $45.00
Studio 20 26×25 650 $45.00
Hall 130 58×29 1682 $67.50
Gym-Full 986 107×72 7704 $73.00




Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre

The Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre (MACC) is a community arts hub on the southwest corner of Moberly Park.  MACC supports artists, and arts and cultural groups to realize their projects in a space which boasts a professional sprung dance floor, stadium seating and experienced technicians.  Artists or arts & cultural groups are welcome to rent our theatre space. For further information on creative partnerships and community engagement call the Arts Programmer at  604-718-6521.

Fri, Sat + Holidays 120 50×32 1600 $68.00
Sun-Thurs 120 50×32 1600 $56.70

Additional Charges

SOCAN + Resound Music royalty fees will apply to all user groups that choose to play music. For more information, please see:, $46.41 no dancing

$92.90 for dancing

Damage Deposit For all functions a refundable damage deposit fee will be collected at time of booking. $200.00
Staffing Number of staff depends on activity, scope and size of rental. $22.50
Insurance Liability Insurance is required for sports, dance or any higher risk activities such as large events. Insurance is purchased from an external source. For more information,
please see:

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that these rules and policies are for Sunset Community Centre and may not apply at other sites

Q: Can we rent the gym (or any other room) for a few seasons for our community sports group, for example a group of friends who want to play ball hockey weekly?
A: If the group is volunteer run or non-profit then yes you may, however cannot run a program through a rental, especially one that collects fees for participation as that is considered a conflict of interest.


Q: Can I rent a room for next year?
A: You cannot book rentals past the current programming season, reason being that centre programs get first priority on space and time. For various reasons they are not programmed that far in advance.


Q: Can I pay cash or debit?
A: Yes you are welcome to pay with cash/debit/cheque/ credit however the damage deposit will be returned as a cheque if you pay it by cash, debit or cheque. This can take several weeks for it to arrive. For example if you choose to pay by cash/cheque/debit for a portion of the fee or damage deposit then it will get returned to you as a cheque, you will not receive cash or credit on your debit account.


Q: How much do I have to pay up front, just a deposit?
A: You must make a full balance payment, including the damage deposit, in order to secure the date and time.


Q: Will you automatically refund me the cash/cheque/credit/debit damage deposit?
A: No, you will need to call us and provide us with your credit card information as we do not keep it on file. It is the responsibility of the renter to call and collect their deposit, including those who paid cash or debit.


Q: Can I get a discount?
a. If you are a non-profit group with a registered society number you qualify for 25% discount off the rental rate

b. If you are a community member claiming hardship you may write to the rental committee and request a reduced fee or waive of rental fees.


Q: I am booking multiple dates can I pay in installments?
A: Yes we can arrange a payment plan depending on the nature of the rental to the discretion and approval of the rental administrator.


Q: Can I serve alcohol?
A: Yes but you must obtain a liquor license and have a Serving It Right certificate, which needs to be dropped off to us at least two days prior to the event.


Q: Can I BBQ?
A: Yes but only when you book the Hall, you may bring your own BBQ and place it outside on the concrete landing. If you place it on the grass you will be fined as it is damaging to the grass and soil.


Q: Can I have candles?
A: No, no open flames of any kind. We suggest the use of LED candles.


Q: Can I bring helium balloons (with weights on the bottom)?
A: No, due to the height of our ceilings and alarm sensors we ask that you do not bring any helium balloons into the building. They often get loose and go up to the ceiling causing the alarm system to sound at night, which is a charge to the centre for the alarm company to arrive and reset the alarm system. This charge will be forwarded to the renter. We recommend oxygen filled balloons as the fine is not worth it.


Q: Can I use the kitchen?
A: Yes but please note that it is a shared kitchen and that you are not permitted to cook. You can use the oven to heat food but not the stove and absolutely no cooking! The Health Board Regulations allow cooking in commercial kitchens only, we do not have a commercial kitchen. We also recommend labeling your food and drink items when leaving them in the fridge or freezer.


Q: When do I have to pay a SOCAN/ReSound Fee?
A: Anytime you play music, including radio, phone, cd, computer etc.


Q: Why is there a price difference between dancing and not dancing for SOCAN?
A: Please visit their website for more information


Q: Do you have a projector, sound system, etc?
A: We do not have any audio or visual equipment; renters are welcome to bring their own.


Q: Can I advertise and sell tickets?
A: You cannot book an event at Sunset that is public in nature, it must be a private event. You cannot sell tickets, hold fundraisers, advertise with posters or flyer etc. If you are unsure please feel free to call or email us with questions regarding your event.


Q: Can I sell items or have fair?
A: No type of event is permitted to sell items. No money exchanges can be made during a rental.


Q: Do you set up/clean up the room for us?
A: No, the renter is responsible for setting up and cleaning up the room including removal of garbage within the rented time.


Q: What is included in the rental?
A: The use of tables and chairs, a rental supervisor, and the use of the shared kitchen


Q: Do we have table cloths?
A: No, we suggest purchasing plastic table cloths or renting linens.


Q: Are there restrictions for decorating?
A: You can decorate as you like but you may only use green painters tape, no pins, duct tape or other items that will damage the walls, otherwise deductions will be made from damage deposit. Also note no confetti, rice or other similar items.


Q: Can I come a little earlier to set up? Or stay a little later?
A: No you cannot access the room or store any supplies or items any sooner than your rental time. As there may be a rental or program after yours, it may not be possible to stay later than your rented time either. Make sure to include set up and clean up time at the time of your booking.


Q: How do you determine if we require an additional rental supervisor?
A: This is at the discretion of the rental administrator based on the scope and nature of the event.


Q: Is there free parking?
A: Yes there is parking in the back lot as well as free street parking.


Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: 5 weeks or more 100%
     4 weeks 75%
     3 weeks 50%
     Less than 3 weeks NO REFUND (with the exception of the damage deposit)


Q: Can I blast my music?
A: Noise bylaws require renters to keep noise below 50 decibels at all times, and below 45 decibels after 10pm. This is out of respect for local residents and other groups that could be using the other rooms at the same time.


Q: Can we use the lounge, hallways areas and other areas of the facility?
A: You are only permitted to use the space in which you have rented, meaning guests are not to wander around the building or use other parts of the facility. Keep in mind that any mess left in the lounge/hallways/washrooms by guests are the renter’s responsibility.


Q: Can we book the studio or gym for a party?
A: No, both spaces are restricted to fitness/sports type rentals. There is no food or drinks permitted in those spaces.

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