CHILL Snowboarding Thank You from the Youth

In this photo from left to right. Riya (SCA funded youth staff), Adewa (Gr 10 @ David Thompson), Jano (Gr 8 @ David Thompson), Eric (Gr 8 @ David Thompson) A 4th youth, Ethan (Gr 8 @ John Oliver) was part of the program too.


Thanks to our David Thompson partners, we were able to help support these youth to be part of the program. Each of these youth face their own barriers and Sunset is now part of them.


Adewa comes from a large family and she is also involved in Game Ready and Nighthoops.

Jano recently moved here from Syria, and is part of Nighthoops.

Eric, moved to the USA from the Philippines, and moved to Vancouver a few months ago, is also part of Game Ready and Nighthoops.

Pauline Holder, the David Thompson CST’s Youth and Family Worker provided these youth a ride from school to CHILL.

Maggie Li, David Thompson CST Coordinator, received a grant to pay for Taxi to safely transport these youth home after CHILL.

Sunset Community Assocation supported the cost of staffing and snacks for these youth.