South Vancouver Seniors Centre Open House-Sep 7

Join us on September 7, 2017 at the Sunset Community Centre for an open house on a proposed new Seniors Centre in South Vancouver. The open house will be an opportunity to learn about initial findings and ideas for the Seniors Centre, ask questions and share your thoughts. Light refreshments will be provided. Date: Thursday,
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Fall 2017 President’s Message

Our Vision is a healthy community where diverse cultures thrive, and where everyone belongs and feels welcome to play, create and succeed in their own way. President’s Message Dear Respectful Vancouver South/Sunset Community, I would like to wish you all Happy Canada Day! Celebrating the 150+ anniversary of Canada, also known as 150th anniversary of
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Story Stone Installed

As part of the celebration of 70 years of the Sunset Community Association a former SCA President, Ken Thompson lead an initiative to mark the contributions of the community. The story stone was a bigger project than anticipated however we are pleased to see its installation. We hope community members and patrons of the community
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Summer at Ross Park

Come out and cool down with some fun in the sun. Join us with games, crafts, and a wading pool. Wading pool is open 1:00-7:00pm. Ross Street & 59th Ave Monday to Friday July 4-August 25 12:30-7:30pm Ross Park Day Come out for some fun under the sun with carnival games, wading pool, inflatables, bbq
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What Is Shaping Us? From Bing Crosby to Bing Thom

Sunset Community Centre has always had a strong, yet humble and understated link to the arts. In the late 1940s the Sunset neighbourhood was rapidly growing and the need was to build something new at the time in Vancouver: a modern community centre as we know it with community and recreation amenities all in one
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Press Releases

Friday 17 January 2014 For Immediate Release

Court stops Park Board seizure of community centres Vancouver, BC – Community associations representing Hastings, Kensington, Kerrisdale, Killarney, Riley Park Hillcrest and Sunset are delighted by the B.C. Supreme Court’s decision today ordering an injunction that will prevent the Park Board from terminating their operating agreements. With the injunction now granted, it is business as usual for patrons of all six community centres. The six non-profit volunteer associations will continue to provide services and programs, to have memberships, and to manage the centres they built and have jointly operated for decades. Today’s injunction remains in effect until such time as a full court case can address ongoing alleged violations by the Park Board and claims for damages for certain Park Board actions. Justice Bowden found that, regardless of the validity of the Park Board’s termination of the associations’ JOAs, the associations’ argument that they also had an historical license to operate their community centres is “a serious question to be tried.” During the December 2013 court proceedings, the Park Board’s lawyer told the judge that if an injunction were ordered, the Park Board would cease its efforts to terminate the associations. The six associations expect the Park Board to honour that promise. The ongoing court process has been difficult for both sides; however, today the associations renew their previous offers to discuss outstanding issues directly with the Park Board. The associations are committed to negotiating, in good faith, to ensure community services are maintained, to guarantee community centre sustainability, and to strengthen the partnership between the associations and the Park Board.

The associations appreciate the overwhelming support they have received from the public.


“The BC Supreme Court has stopped dead the attempt by Park Board and Vision Vancouver to seize control of Vancouver’s community centres. The court decision means that local communities, not bureaucrats, will continue to run the centres the citizens of Vancouver themselves created.”

– Jesse Johl, President, Riley Park Hillcrest Community Association

“This decision is a win for all community associations across the city, including those not involved in this legal action; it means we can continue providing services and programs in our local centres. It also means the Park Board cannot bully community volunteers when the

bureaucrats aren’t getting their way.”

– Ainslie Kwan, President, Killarney Community Association

“The Court clearly recognized that the relationship between these parties is unique. One party cannot decide arbitrarily how the two parties should work together, nor can one party decide

unilaterally what should happen if the two cannot work together.”

– Dean Davison, Davison Law Group, legal counsel for the six associations

Important background information

• The six associations filed their court case in August 2013 seeking a resolution of ongoing alleged violations by the Park Board and damages for certain Park Board actions.

• Instead of negotiating in good faith, the Vancouver Park Board sought to evict the associations from their community centres as of December 31, 2013. The Park Board continued to attempt to centralize decision-making and community centre revenues at Vancouver City Hall.

• A court order issued in October 2013 temporarily prevented the Park Board from taking any external action before the court could make a decision on the termination order.

• Without the injunction approved today, the Park Board would have been free to proceed with its plan to seize control of the six community centres.

• The community centre associations will continue their legal case to resolve alleged JOA violations by the Park Board and to seek damages.

Media contacts:

Nicole van Zanten / 604.836.1614 /

Trevor Boudreau / 778.991.7412 /

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